Sanctuary Images

Sanctuary: A sacred place of refuge.

Behind the camera is my sanctuary. When I look through the viewfinder, I become a part of my subject's world, allowing me to capture the essence of the scene. Animal, human, plant, machine... they all have something to say to the camera. 

Ansel Adams once said: “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” I hope to convey to you what I felt when taking these pictures. I hope my photos will evoke an emotion and if they do, then I've done my  job.

I've lived in the Seattle area for nearly 14 years with my husband and biggest supporter, Christian, and our 4 rescued kids: The cats: Gracie, who somehow manages to be both the Queen AND the princess in our house and Oscar, who, in his prime, earned the nickname "Meat", weighing in at a husky 16lbs. The dogs: Moki, who is the most loving, cute, loyal, smart and crazy pup (extra focus on the "crazy") and Marta, a former street dog from Taiwan who turned us into Foster Failures. She's a big goofball, my constant shadow and loves Fritos and Triscuits.

I always appreciate feedback, so feel free to post comments and/or rate any of my photos (that's how they end up in the "Popular Pics" gallery!) Should you have any questions about pricing, content, or whatever, please CONTACT ME.

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