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Sanctuary: A place of refuge or safety.

Behind the camera is my sanctuary. It is here that I'm able to see the true beauty in my subjects, whether it be an animal, a concert, a garden or a celebration. Composing the picture, allowing the viewer to see what I see, things like emotions, textures and colors. If my photography speaks to you, if it evokes an emotion in you or makes you think, then I’ve done my job in showing you the beauty in what I see.

I shoot with a Canon 40D & a variety of lenses. After spending nearly 13 years in the Seattle area, I'm hoping to relocate back to the Denver area with my husband & biggest supporter, Christian, & our rescued critters (who are also my biggest inspirations): Gracie & Oscar, the most awesome cats from the Pacific NW, "Hurricane" Moki (the crazy dog) & Marta, the former street dog from Taiwan.

I always appreciate feedback, so please feel free to post comments or rate any of my photos. And feel free to send me an EMAIL if you have any questions about pricing, booking, content, whatever!

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Sanctuary Images

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